How Long Does Therapy Last?

As you can imagine, it varies for everyone. It takes time to build trust, and it takes courage to be fully honest with yourself. It's important to make a weekly commitment for four to six months and then assess how things are going. You've become who you are over many years, and it takes time to change. You're the one who decides when you want to leave. The therapist is with you until you're ready to fly solo. You learn to draw water from your inner well, which springs up from an inexhaustible source.

What Does Therapy Cost? 

My fee is $200 for a 45-minute session, and may be reduced according to your financial circumstances and what your insurance company might pay (the sliding scale ranges from $120 - $200). Marriage and Family Therapy often works best in 60-minute sessions, in which case the fee will be pro-rated. I am an Out-of-Network Provider (not in any Insurance networks) Some insurance companies reimburse you (on an Out-of Network basis) for my services; some do not. You can call your Insurance company and ask what percentage of a fee they will pay based on your particular policy. They may want my NPI number: 1841387834Q; or license number: NJ #: 37FI 00158900; NY #: 000637-1.

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